Who is Kylie?

Pleased to meet you…Charmed, I’m sure.

“Living the life of Riley” means charming your way through an ideal contented life, a life of privilege and ease.

That is not my life!

I’m living The Life of Kylie.

I’ve gone through a bazillion changes the past few years.

I’m pushing 40 (40!), and have a new child, new husband, new step-kids, new home, new career, and a young daughter who is not so thrilled with all these new things.

I’m a grammar geek, work-at-home mom, public health consultant, and wannabe blogger.* (Yes, I insist upon usingΒ the Oxford comma.)

Will I be brave enough to put it all out there?

There is much woetentialΒ in doing this–revealing too much about my private life, feeling anxious about what I’ve posted or should post. But the woetential in not writing, not connecting, not believing that I have a voice in this world is even greater.

Woetential (noun): 1. the potential to cause, create, or bring about woe, 2. one of many ways I smash words together to make new ones, 3. a corny, and yet expressive, way to describe the fear of the path not (yet) taken

Do you like to make up words? Add your favorite “spellights” in the comments below.

If they make me laugh… or think… or cry, I will add them to my Fictionary and link back to your blog. Check back in February for my Annual Fictionary Contest.

Contact me about guest blogging, sponsored posts, writing opportunities, or just about anything.


113 thoughts on “Who is Kylie?

    1. Perfect!!

      It’s time for The Second Annual Fictionary Contest but I haven’t posted about it yet… must do that soon!

      Kindred spirits are wonderful to find, and my middle name is Anne with an ‘e’ to boot!

    1. Thank you Nickie! I really appreciate that. I wish I had more time to get around and read EVERYTHING. Isn’t amazing how many great writers there are on the blogosphere?

  1. Hi Kylie – WordPress suggested that I might like your blog. Know what? They were right! Woetential, indeed! Take THAT, spellcheck! Ha!

    I look forward to reading more.

    1. Oh good! But do you know how I feel about the phrase “just saying'”? There just might be an e-card about that somewhere around here…

      Thanks for the FB ‘like’!

  2. Thanks for the follow. Your blog looks like it will be an absolute playground to read. See ya around. πŸ™‚

  3. Yikes! I just noticed! Thanks so, so much for putting dentaleggs under your ‘I Like Life’ section. Really, thanks so much. (Anne Coulter makes me wanna be a sadistic oral surgeon.)

    1. You might get more contact with her as a plastic surgeon!

      I enjoyed your blog,too. Thanks for reading and commenting on so many posts. I even have one on here about going to the dentist!

  4. Thanks for visiting dentaleggs! New babies are so completely brilliant. So squishy… and that smell of ‘new baby’ mixed with baby feces and throw-up — I really miss those days. Wish I wasn’t in my mid-forties with no savings account. I’d definitely have another. Your site is wonderful.

  5. Great blog! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. And, uhm, I didn’t realize there was an option to NOT use the Oxford comma πŸ˜‰

  6. I use the Oxford Comma myself, and honestly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t. Nice to find you through Trifecta!

    1. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

      My Trifecta entry this week (Oklahoma) was Freshly Pressed today, and I’m little giddy. I wouldn’t have even tried writing fiction without Trifecta. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  7. So glad I found your blog! I am a fellow grammar geek, although not a fan of the Oxford comma. Oh, yes, and I, too, transitioned from wannabe to “real” blogger courtesy of being Freshly Pressed, although I remain a wannabe vegan. To successfully move from pesco-vegetarian to vegan, I would probably need to learn to cook. My wife is a wonderful cook, but she loves hamburgers and tacos and I consider myself fortunate that she deigns to prepare tofu for me occasionally. I think she’d freak out and vomit if I brought home tempeh (not that you can get it in our little town). Oh well, patience is in order, I suppose. Good things come to those who wait.

    1. Hello, and welcome! Tempeh is definitely an acquired taste, but it can be prepared really well. I LOVE tempeh reubens (especially my even more unorthodox version with kim chi instead of sauerkraut!). It’s nice your wife is willing to cook tofu for you. I’m lucky that my husband is vegan/vegetarian, too. Otherwise it would be much more difficult.
      I will check out your blog. I like your comma usage, and we can be friends even if you’re not a fan of the Oxford comma. How do you feel about semicolons?

  8. WOW….this hit home for me. I saw you through list of X blogs, and have taken a stroll through your stuff and I love it. The “Woetential” factor that you speak of I completely get! I just started writing my blog a few weeks ago and I am still torturing myself with the wicked thoughts of.. ” maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” It took me pretty close to 3 months to finally get the guts to do it. I had enough support from others, just not enough within myself I suppose. well… here I am and there is no turning back now. I Love your blog and am looking forward to seeing more from you. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, that is so kind. I haven’t been blogging much this month because I’ve been so busy with a couple of projects, but I’m so glad I started this. You’ll be glad too. Take care!

    1. Well…. you *could* do it the silly way I did, but you should really ask someone cooler than me.

      Here’s what I did: I used Word. I made a text box, filled it with a color, and chose a funky border/shading. I wrote “Fictionary” using another text box, and then ‘grouped’ them so they would be locked together. Then I took a screen shot. Then I cropped the image until nothing else showed. Then I uploaded it like any other image. I’m sure there are better ways that require Photoshop and actual Skillz. But it worked!

      Oh, then when you upload your image, it will have its own URL on your site, and you can use that to put the image in your sidebar. Use the image Widget. Good luck!!!

      1. Thanks! That was kind of along the lines I was thinking, but I wasn’t logically getting to the screenshot step. Thank you for filling in my missing link. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, liking it, and allowing me to find your work here on the web. (Did you see something in the last sentence that made me instantly bond with you when I read your About page?) I insist on the serial comma!!!–otherwise, you link the last two items in the list. Yes? And, who said it was OK to leave it out?
    Anyway, come back soon.

    1. Hi! I’m sorry I never responded to this. Sometimes I fall off the face of the (WordPress) earth. Hope you are well. Thanks for reading!

  10. Hi Kylie,
    Being FPeed is fantabulabulous: adjective, 1) the act or perception of being both fabulous and fantastic simultaneously. 2) the hopes of impressing someone with your ability to be a linguistic kamikaze.
    Jenn w/ 2 ns sent me this way and as I was looking around I thought I would use one of my fictionary words… although to be honest i really don’t know if I am truly the original originator of fantabulabulous.

    1. Thanks JT!
      I’ve heard of ‘fantabulous’ but your version has a few extra special syllables, so it’s even MORE fantabulabulous.

      If you’d like to enter the Fictionary contest, find my post “Let’s Play Fictionary” for the rules and put your word on your blog with a ping back to the post.

      Some fantabulabulous muffins are in the offering.

  11. Hi Kylie, I came across your blog via Kozo’s. Wishing you a most joyous New Year

    and look forwards to sharing ideas and posts with you. Be well!

  12. Kylie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so happy you found me. I will follow you now. I don’t have any cool, smashed words for you at the moment, but I do like the idea of it. I do think you are brave enough to put it out there…to answer your question.

    1. Thank you. I read a bunch of posts on your blog last night. And I thought I’d experienced a disproportionate amount of grief…thanks for stopping by.

  13. A kindred grammar geek, wannabe blogger, latethirtysomething, and fellow user of the Oxford comma…LOVE it! What beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing. Toenails/kisses to start, now I am off to read more πŸ™‚

  14. Some AWSOME reading! Can’t wait until I have some kid -free time to really enjoy it. My grammar is not the greatest but I can say I passionately dislike misspelled words. They glare off the page and completely annoy me.

    1. Thanks Erica! Thanks for commenting! The grammar/spelling piece of this is kind of a joke, kind of not. I get huffy about it, but the reason I chose “Lie Lay Lied” as my blog name is because even I get confused about their proper usage, and I’m in a phase of my life when I’m trying to embrace my weaknesses and imperfections. So, it’s about humility. Humility, and laughing at myself.

  15. hi… found you b/c I “piggybacked” on your comment on Science of Mom… which I don’t think I realized I was doing. Just wanted to say sorry about that… but I did really appreciate your thoughtful response. BTW, I don’t know if I would call myself a grammar geek… but holyshitOMG it effing irritates me as well that sooo many people don’t know when it’s proper to use an apostrophe. Is it that hard to figure out if it’s possessive or plural?? I think not.

    1. Hi! No apologies necessary! I wasn’t following the comments, so I’m glad you stopped by to remind to go take a look! Oh goodness gracious, I just ended every statement with an exclamation mark!!

  16. I’ve been reading back a few posts and oh gawd, you have my heart doing somersaults, you’ve been through so much! It tugs at me because I’m close to five months pregnant myself, and the fears, the unknowns, the what-ifs… it’s all there. I have to ask though, your ‘About’ says you have a new child, so this means The Little Guy is ok, right? I sure hope so. You write beautifully and I’m coming back. Thanks for sharing your story with us xxoo

    1. HI Caro–yes, it all turned out okay in the end! It was such a bumpy ride, though, and I’ll be posting more this week.
      Yours must be going well if you’re learning to teach Zumba (read that in my email this morning)! I was happy to see your post. I’ve been curious about Zumba and a little shy about trying it. I’ve been sticking with yoga the past few years.
      Thanks for your comments, and thanks so much for reading.

  17. Hi Grammar Geek,
    And thank you for following my blog. I thought I’d do the same… And I’ll ask you for a favour… As a grammar geek, please be lenient with my English when you’re reading a post of mine… Le Clown is a French native speaking blogger and can be clumsy, occasionally…
    Le Clown

    1. Oh, I’m a grammar geek, not the grammar police! I do like to play around with words, though, so it will be fun to read your “frenglish.” Love that! I started following the Book of Alice and like her posts, and that led me to you. Thanks for following me back!

      1. Thanks Kamellia! I confess that I indulged in a disproportionate amount of self-congratulations for those. There is nothing like cracking yourself up, is there?


    1. That’s so cool! Thank you! So funny! One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of neologisms and puns. Hopefully, now the pressure of posting a blog won’t crush my creativity πŸ™‚

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