Freshly Pressed Gratitude

A quick post to thank WordPress for featuring my post ‘Oklahoma‘ on Freshly Pressed yesterday, and to thank all the people who have stopped by to read the post. Thanks for the supportive comments and fresh follows.

I’ve just started writing fiction, thanks to the writing prompts from WordPress and Trifecta. I appreciate the supportive community of writers. I can’t truly express how much it means to me to receive your kind comments and encouragement.

Of course, this would happen during the same week I went off the deep end in the humor department. To any new readers, I mostly write memoir and commentary. But it does get a bit, well, varied around here. Enjoy the ride. I sure do.

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4 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed Gratitude

  1. Stopping by from El Guapo but I have seen you around. 🙂 So glad you highlighted your freshly pressed work. So many times people just show the badge and then you can’t reference the actual piece that was pressed! 🙂 I have this blog as well as an expat blog and I’m soon to be the newest crew member of Tipsy Lit. Look forward to following you!

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