MoFo Blog-cronyms

Every time I see a blog-cronym, like NaBloMoFo (or whatever), all I can think of is the grown-ups talking on a Charlie Brown Special:

Well, to tell the truth (which I must, because I’m compulsively honest), the blog-cronyms also bring to mind a certain expletive that involves mothers and a naughty, talented, and flexible word that can serve as every part of speech, even an infix!

Now, I never, ever swear.

This badge is a lie. I did not participate. Image Credit:

Well, almost never.

Okay, I reserve swearing for when I stub my toe or when my children are taking an un-F***ing-believably long time to get in the car in the morning and we’re late and I’ve just F***ing had it.

But these are merely moments of extreme (mental, emotional, and moral) weakness.

Rare… so very, very rare.

You believe me, don’t you?

It’s too late to participate in this. Image Credit:

On those exceedingly rare occasions that I swear, I pronounce it F***ing (rhymes with ‘ring’), as opposed to F***in’ (rhymes with ‘spin’), much to everybody’s amusement.

I’m so prissy.

Did you know prissy is short for precise? It’s true! Look it up.

I knew about this. But I didn’t participate. Image Credit:

But this is the HoGoTru: I never swear when I write.

It just seems too easy. Too lazy. A cheap laugh.

I love language too much…there are so many precise words to choose from. And I am one prim, proper, and precise little lady.

But tonight, I’m feeling easy, lazy, and cheap.

So here goes! KyBloPoFoMoFo, in table format (TaFo):

When you write… I think…
NaBloPoMo You let that nasty, blond, po’ MoFo do what?
VeganMoFo She may be vegan, but that MoFo can cook!
NaNoWriMo Nana’s not gonna write any mo’, MoFo.
NaPoMo Nasty poor MoFo, why you no write no mo’?

So, MoFo, Na you can Blo my Po… you finish the sentence!


I thought I was making up that part about prissy being short for precise. I was going to play a trick on you. It was a test to see if you’d really look it up. And then I Googled it. And it is true. I can’t tell a lie, even when I try.


That means I’m just a natural-born etymologist, which is kinda like an epidemiologist of words. So I guess it’s good that I went into public health instead of continuing in linguistics after all. IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER! My PlaWoDo is Almo’ Co.


In case you didn’t get that, and all you could “hear” was Charlie Brown’s teacher going MwaBlahMwa, the translation is: “My plan for world domination is almost complete.”)

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7 thoughts on “MoFo Blog-cronyms

  1. Reblogged this on The Life of Kylie and commented:

    Thanks to Rarasaur, I just learned November is National Blog Post (a day) Month:
    At least I think that’s what NaNoBloPo stands for.
    I always get so confused.
    Apparently, so does Rarasaur, because she’s deemed it “Nano Poblano” and included a list of links and prompts. Hooray!
    Now, say “Nano Poblano” in a Charlie Brown Special Adult voice three times fast and you can join in the confusion.
    I mean fun.
    I mean confunsion.
    Oh, confound it!

  2. LOL, I love your blogoshere acronyms! Half the time I have no idea what they mean and I’m too lazy to look them up. Your PlaWoDo is Almo’ Co is coming true, mesmerizing us with your words.
    You must be feeling Oh, so pretty, and witty and bright! 😀 Have fun Kylie!

  3. Whoa. I mostly believed you about prissy being short for precise, because I figured if anyone knew that it would be you.

    The acronyms get me too.

    1. I made it up, but then it turned out to be true.

      I saw a car in the parking lot at OWT tonight that had a NaNoWriMo bumper sticker. I almost took a picture.

      My whole life is becoming fodder for this blog. I promised Mark to stay off the computer tonight, yet here I am.

      The reason I promised? Because Sunday night, I stayed up til 1 am. Last night, it was after 3.

      The Little Guy doesn’t sleep in.

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