Beautiful Lipstick Award

Fellow blogger Jodi Ambrose nominated me for the Beautiful Lipstick Award. Thank you!

Fittingly, just today, my blog was viewed by people searching for:

Search Views
lipstick kiss 2
copy-kids 2
how to look sexy during a tropical vacation 1
face full of lipstick kisses 1
Total search terms 6

Strange, considering that I rarely, rarely, wear lipstick! Must have something to do with my Freshly Pressed Post: Toenails and Kisses (yep, I’m going to keep milking that for all that it’s worth!).

But, back in college, at my crunchy-granola alma mater, my friends and I loved to rebel by… dressing up.

Yep. We would put aside our flannel and hiking boots for an evening in favor of outrageous outfits and heavy make-up.

Lipstick Appreciation Week

Resident Advisors each, we even planned a very special program for our dorm: Lipstick Appreciation Week.

Every day had its own very special event.

Like many of our programs, I’m pretty sure we were the only participants (the series on Death and Dying, featuring Estate Planning was a BIG hit). We did, however, dispense a few lipstick kisses on the cheeks of some of our guy friends.

Notice, I’m not calling them “boyfriends.” They weren’t. I’m not sure how appreciative they were.

Sometimes, at our intense college, we just needed to get wacky and relieve the stress, and oftentimes, that didn’t involve alcohol. We got creative and festive and goofy and had a great time. We danced like we meant it. And we cooked vegan food and Indian food (Remember this. It’s all relevant. This is called foreshadowing).

Funny thing was, no matter how goofy we got, or how outrageous we dressed (and did I mention we spent many evenings going by our alter-ego names: Daisy, Donna, and Muffy aka MuffinCakes), we were always out-weirded in that capitol of weird: Colorado Springs.

In the grocery store: A woman dressed in a full-leopard-cat outfit complete with ears and tails, and it wasn’t Halloween.

At the late-night diner: A bunch of 50-somethings in square dancing attire. Do you know how many layers of ruffles those short skirts have?

We could just never stand out with competition like that.

But I’m honored to be tagged as standing out, and “kicking ass”, as a recipient of the Beautiful Lipstick Award.

Now, I don’t know what this award is. It’s not really a real thing.

Or is it? Life is what we make of it. We create our own reality (see, I’m channelling myself from Sophomore year). Bloggers have these made-up awards which serve as a nice pat on the back, a show of support and appreciation. That’s awesome.

Here are the Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Nominate other people (you choose how many–whatever makes you happy).
  3. Write some bad ass things about yourself.

Drumroll, please….

And the nominees are…

Food with Malvi: delicious vegan recipes, so creative and I’ve even made a few!

Ardent and Awkward: doing her best to keep Austin weird

Oh.She.Cooks: great, original recipes and awesome photos.

These bloggers all remind me of my younger days, those heady days of college and new careers. Keep on blogging, ladies!

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Lipstick Award

  1. I never wear lipstick either, but I love your wholesome college shenanigans! Reminds me of mine. (They were probably happening roughly around the same, time, too, judging by the hairstyles in your photo. 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for reading, Jenn with two Ns! One of my best friends from college is also a Jenn. We had the best spring break trips ever: Graceland and New Orleans. Mostly very silly and wholesome 😉 I think I still have my Elvis tights somewhere. Maybe it’s time for Donna to make a very special appearance…

  2. Congrats! I get a kick out of seeing how people’s searches get them to land on my blog as well. I especially love the really specific ones like, “how to look sexy on a tropical vacation” LOL!

    1. That was funny! I replicated the search and was really disturbed when I saw pictures of my kids… and my yoga mat… in the image search results. So weird.

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